5 Tips To Help You Handle A Home Renovation Project If You Have Kids

a woman paints

We’ve all seen those renovation shows on TV that make renovation projects look so simple. But none of those TV show hosts have to deal with children running around their construction site while trying to play with the nail gun. Doing a renovation with kids can seem like a frightening task. But it doesn’t have to be! Here are 5 tips to help you handle a home renovation if you have kids.

Keep Your Routines Intact

Children act up much more when their routines are interrupted. Keeping your children’s routines intact will encourage good behavior, and will keep you from becoming overly stressed because they’re being extra crazy.

Get Your Kids Occupied

If you need to work on something while your children are at home, find ways to keep them busy working on their own projects so they stay out of your construction zone. Pull out some puzzles, get out the play dough, or pull out a stack of coloring books with markers. Let them do their own craft project. Turn on some music, or let them watch their favorite show. Keeping your kids occupied with something that keeps their attention will allow you to have some free time to work on your project.?rel=0″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>

Be Strategic with the Timing of Your Project

If your kids typically go to bed at 7:30 pm, it’s not a good idea to start working on a project around six. At that time they’re going to be wanting dinner, needing baths, needing their pajamas put on, and teeth brushed, and trying to squeeze in some work on a project will only bring increased stress to your family. Be realistic, and know your own family’s limits. Don’t attempt projects when you know your kids will need a lot of attention. Wait until after they go to bed, or work during nap time when you know you will have some quiet time to make a significant amount of progress on your project with minimal interruptions.

Get the Kids Involved, When Possible

Kids love to help. If there is something that they can help with, or at least something that makes them think they’re helping, let them participate! Give them a sanding block and let them scrub away at a random 2×4, or put them on nail collecting duty picking up all the loose nails on the ground. Get them involved when you can and make it a fun project for everyone.

Call in Reinforcements

kids do craftsIf you absolutely have to make some immediate progress on your home renovation project, don’t be afraid to call a babysitter or even Grandma to come tend to your children while you work. Having someone else watch your kids gives them a break from constantly living in a stressful construction zone, keeps them entertained and happy, and allows you to get things accomplished without worrying if one of your children is playing with the jig saw again. Babysitters can be a life saver if you’re working with tight deadlines, or even if you just need a little break.

Don’t be overwhelmed at the thought of doing a renovation with kids in the house. Follow these 5 tips and take some stress out of your next DIY project.