7 Key Tactics The Pros Use When Decorating

7 Key Tactics The Pros Use When DecoratingMost homeowners forget that there are no rules that govern the decoration of properties, and there are no secret rule books that are followed to do the job perfectly. However, there are a few guides that you can easily learn that have helped professionals to give the best outcome after every home decoration task. Some of the easy tips you can learn include;

Hang Your Collectibles in a Grid

Anything can become fascinating if it is hung in a grid. This means that even those pieces of art that seem not to fit can become useful in decorating your home. For example, you can hung your mugs in a grid pattern. This will not only make your home or office beautiful but also make it easier to store mugs in a tidy way.

Add Other layers of Lighting

Many professionals are aware that adding layers of lighting will create interest. This is because in a home that is evenly lit, nothing will seem unique. The first step towards adding another layer of lighting is picking the primary and secondary focal points and highlight them. After you have chosen your ideal focal points, proceed to add general lighting and lower ambient lighting, for example, wall-mounted sconces and flash mounted lightings.

Ensure Your Sofas Have Enough Breathing Room

Long sofas are perfect for napping and sprawling, and also holding family. However, ensure that you don’t overcrowd your room. If you want to lead a gracious type of life, you need space to maneuver easily. This is especially a good tactic if you are on a tight budget.

Learn How to Arrange Your Sofas on a Rug

There are three ways you can follow to arrange your sofas on your mat.

  • Front on: Only the front feet of your couch will seat on your rug. However, the arrangement should be tied carefully together to create enough space and give a feeling of openness.
  • All on: If your mat is large enough, place all your sofas’ legs on top of it to create a more comfortable feeling. However, remember to leave at least 13 to 15 inches of your floor surface on all the four sides.
  • All off: In case your room is small, a cost effective choice is keeping all the legs of your seats off the mat. However, your mat should not be too small and it should appear as if it can touch the front legs of your sofas.

Build a Gallery Around the Biggest Piece

brushes and color chartsPreferably, you should start decorating your room with the largest piece. Proceed and build pieces of frames around it horizontally and vertically. Also use colors that you like and stop only after you have the most appealing composition. Before you start, it’s advisable to begin with laying everything out on the floor, and be careful not to step on your valuables.

Wallpaper Your Ceiling

One way to wallpaper your ceiling is by using paper and tape trim to add a more luxurious detail. Ideally, you can use wallpaper and tape trim that has nail heads around the edges. Your choice of paper and trim will determine the affordability of dressing up your walls and ceiling.

The Paint Color Should Come Last

There are several paint colors you can choose that have different tones, tints, and shades. Each color will also look different from one home to another due to the variation in lighting. This means that the color in your home may look good but appear to look different in another house. Remember that you want a color that will complement your artwork, upholstery, and mat among others. Therefore, choose the paint last after you have organized all your stuff inside the house.