About us

Hello there. My name is Michael Derrick, and I’m the creator of A Tool for Every Job.

I want to welcome you to this blog. A Tool for Every Job is a blog focused on finding the best tools around, from multi tools to knives of all sorts, and providing the best possible content related to them.

We provide reviews, comparisons and guides that will help you find the perfect tool for your job.

The Internet is plagued by tons of useless information around buying tools of all kinds. Like many others, I’ve been in a position where I wanted to buy a product, only to find an unlimited stream of bad information or obviously paid by advertisers or were extremely biased reviews that clearly recommended one product over another, even if there was no clear reason to do so.

For the longest time I’ve been a huge fan of finding all types of devices that make life easier and more enjoyable. I still remember the first Victorinox my father gave me. He told me every man should carry a knife, but at the time I didn’t care. I just liked the little tool that could do wonders, but soon I came to understand it’s importance.

My first real knife came when I was 14 years old, and since then I’ve been passionate for this topic. I finally understood at that age that knives and all other types of tools in the right hands can do almost anything. Tools have been an important part of mankind’s history, and without them who knows where we would be? From soldiers to carpenters to mechanics. Every profession uses tools at some point, and knowing the differences, the pros and cons between models maybe one day save your life.

Since I received my first knife, I’ve been amazed at how practical and useful these little tools can be every day. There’s never been a day that I can remember in my life that I’ve regretted carrying my trusty pocket knife around, even if it’s only to open a bottle, a letter or to cut maybe some string.

This passion is something I want to share with all the visitors. With this site, I aim to deliver the best possible content regarding every single type of tool. I want you to experience the same joy I feel when I talk about this topic, and I want to be as transparent as possible when it comes to making recommendations.

The priority of this site is to provide real value. Content is king, and that rule is no exception on A Tool for Every Job.

So far we have only included multi tools and knives, two of my biggest interests. We plan to expand this site to cover everything, from wrenches to saws (maybe even machetes someday eh?. We would like to transform this site into the ultimate resource website you could possibly need before making a decision to purchase anything.

I hope you enjoy the site, and feel free to contact us for any comment or suggestion on how to improve the site.