How Many Calories Do You Burn Doing DIY?

David Beckham has one of the most perfected bodies ever. In fact, his body is so perfect that everyone envies it and wants to get it. Fortunately, getting a Beckham body is not impossible. You just have to have the right formula. He uses something that he calls the 75/25 theory to guide him when he wants to lose weight. He explains several crucial keys to significant weight loss such as changing eating habits and cutting calories.

Painting the House

His philosophy says that the mixture of exercise with dietary changes is what truly gives a person those six-pack abs. You don’t have to have a fitness club membership to get the exercise that you need to lose weight and tone up. The following are four DIY projects that could help you burn calories and lose weight fast:

1. Painting the House

Painting is one of the those DIY projects that is exhilarating as well as mentally and physically healthy. The art of painting itself creates an uplifting mood. The act of painting increases the heart rate, which burns calories and awakens the happy juices in the brain. Painting a room burns about 350-400 calories per hour, according to Livestrong. You could take advantage of this time by painting one of the rooms in your house that you’ve always wanted to paint.

2. Repairing the Roof

You can add roof repairs to your list of duties to get in shape if you happen to need repairs up there. Just moving around on the roof and swinging various tools can help you to burn up to 340 calories per hour. That is a lot of calories. It is almost 10 percent of what you need to burn to lose one pound of fat.

3. Assembling Furniture

Assembling Furniture

Assembling furniture is one of those projects that you would feel a great sense of accomplishment about when it is over. You know you will have a wonderful piece of furniture when it’s all said and done. The number of calories that you can burn assembling furniture may vary depending on what you are putting together. The amount of calories can be as few as 200 an hour or as many as 500 an hour. A job as a furniture deliverer and assembly person would be the perfect job for you right now if you are trying to lose weight.

4. Swapping a Tub

Finally, swapping the tub can help you lose weight, and it can also work your arm muscles and your back muscles. The number of calories that the activity actually burns varies. It’s approximately 300 an hour.

Now you know how you can get a body like Beckham just by doing some random DIY activities. Mix that with a diet that is full of fruits and vegetables, and you should be highly successful in getting to where you want to be with your body. Take advantage of that knowledge and do a DIY today.