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The Best Multitool of 2014: A Multi Tool Comparison Guide

Everyone Needs a Multi Tool: Benefits of Owning the Best Multitool

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
― Benjamin Franklin

Let’s start by defining what a multi tool is. According to Wikipedia, a multi tool is:”any one of a range of portable, versatile hand tools that combines several individual functions in a single unit.”

You may be wondering, why carry a multitool? Carrying a multitool means being prepared for anything the world may throw at you. Multitools are small and lightweight tools. They fit in any pocket, and, like can do almost any kind of job.

The best multitool? Leatherman New Wave

Multitool comparisons

You may or may not end up using it on a regular basis, but it certainly shines those times you actually use it.

With so many options to choose from when looking to purchase a multitool, it may be hard on a beginner to purchase a product. Take for example all the different types of knives (like hunting knives), all with their advantages and disadvantages.

There are many multi tool reviews roaming around on the Internet, and they are generally useful, but the first stop to anyone wanting to purchase one of these amazing tools is the person himself.

The buyer should know what he needs, or else he may end up spending more money than he should, buying tools and products he may never use.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t aim for quality, or that you should settle for a cheap tool, or buy one from a not so trusted brand, but that you should careful not to overspend on a tool you may never use. Always buy smart. That’s the A Tool for Every Job‘s way.

What to Look for in the Best Multitool

Multi tool reviews

Multi tool reviews


First of all, ask yourself whether size is an important factor. Multi tools come in a variety of sizes, and it may not make any sense buying one that includes every single tools under the sun, when you will only occasionally fix some things inside your house.


Maybe you don’t need 17 types of pliers, of 12 different kind of knives, or 5 screwdrivers. Maybe you only need a small knife and small or medium pliers. Point is, while you can get much more functionality with certain tools, others may allow you save money, and don’t have to worry about weight or being a huge bulk in your pockets. Think about what the tool will be used for, are you a keen fisherman, a backpacker or camper, or maybe you want a tool to use when out biking.


Obviously you want the best bang for your buck, but it wouldn’t make any sense to spend a significant amount on a multi tool, when one at half the price has most of the utilities you would need. You also need to consider buying a well-recognized brand, like Victorinox, Gerber or Leatherman, that are known for their history and quality.


One thing you may notice about multi tools, is that most of them come with long warranties. And when I say long, I mean 25 years to a lifetime. Always consider the warranty a product comes with when considering to purchase a tool. You want to make sure it will not last you a month and then break, with no way of getting your money back or getting a replacement.

Best multi tool 2014?

The best small multi tool


If we made a multi tool comparison, we could easily see that one brand stands out the most out of many. There’s a reason why one brand rules them all in the multi tool market, and you don’t get to that position selling cheap, bad quality tools that break on the first use, or having terrible customer service.

You get there by continuously offering amazing, top of the line products at great prices, and a good enough customer service to satisfy even the tiniest of complains or troubles.

Multi Tool Comparison

Now that we have covered what a buyer should look for, we share the following multi tool comparison. Finding the best multitool is no easy task, so here you can find our recommended products. In the next sections we go over you why a certain model is considered the top rated multi tool.

Multi tool Weight (ounces)Length (inches)MaterialWarrantyPrice
Leatherman Wingman73.8Stainless steel25 years$
Leatherman Skeletool54Stainless steel26 years$
Victorinox Swiss Army Swisstool Spirit X5.753.25Stainless steelLifetime$$
Leatherman New Wave124Stainless steel25 years$$

Leatherman Wingman

Multi tool review: the Leatherman Wingman

The best multi tool 2014: Leatherman Wingman

Widely considered one of the best multi tools on the lower price range, the Leatherman Wingman is a mid-sized tool ideally suited to have around the house or on outside adventures. With a weight of 7 ounces and a closed length of 3.8 inches, this product includes most of the tools you’ll arguably ever need on various sizes, like screwdrivers, scissors (one of the best ones), a knife blade (serrated) and the typical pliers, openers and hooks. It’s small enough to carry in the pocket, and the blade and scissor will always come in handy if you carry it with you.

Leatherman Skeletool

Multi tool review: the Leatherman Skeletool

Multi tool reviews: the Leatherman Skeletool

Weighing 5 ounces and with a length of 4 inches, the Leatherman Skeletool packs two pliers (both needle nose and regular), a pair of wire cutters, a bottle opener and a couple more tools in a beautiful stainless steel “skeletal” design. This model is the lightest multitool in the market, and also includes a belt clip.

The best thing about this model is that due to its small design, it can easily fit into any pocket. While there are other models packing more functionality, this multitool will cover most basic necessities, at a great price.

Victorinox Swiss Army Swisstool Spirit X

Swisstool Spirit X multi tool review

One of the top rated multi tool: the Swisstool Spirit X

Packing 27 different tools, this multi tool’s length is 4-3/16 inches closed, weighing 7.4 ounces. Balanced around design, weight and function, the tool is more expensive than most of its counterparts. Some will even consider it to be a more expensive version of the New Wave. With great finishes and built of stainless steel, the Spirit X has a regular knife blade, and it includes a lifetime warranty.

Best Multi Tool of 2014

There is an infinity of different types and kinds of multi tool models, but only one can be called the best multi tool 2014. We considered many reviewers and customers opinions, along with our own experiences, and most of us agree that the XXX model, made by the highly praised company Lehmann is, without a doubt, the best multi tool of the year.

Leatherman New Wave

The top rated multi tool

Multitool review: the Leatherman New Wave

With the greatest combination of tools, design, construction quality and price, the Leatherman New Wave is widely considered of the best in the market. With a small investment, you get the quality build that only Leatherman can offer, with greatly constructed blade locks, excellent precision on the pliers and a perfect design that comes with the best features packed in a small size. The New Wave is an all-around perfect tool for the everyday job, and it’s portable enough to fit into any pocket.

If you want other recommendations, you can check out the following video: