Dremel 4300 vs 4200 vs 4000 – Which is the Best Rotary Tool?

Versatile and easy to use, rotary tools have a slew of potential applications and are compatible with a number of different attachments. According to Be Jane, rotary tools can be used for a variety of applications, from engraving designs to polishing metal and cutting/shaping materials. This one tool can take your DIY projects to the next level.




Variable Speed Yes Yes Yes
Pivot Light Yes
EZ Twist Yes
EZ Change Yes
Accessories Included Yes Yes Yes
Attachments Included Yes Yes Yes

The rotary tool is often called a Dremel, but Dremel is actually a brand name – one of the most well-known in the industry. Dremel makes a number of different rotary tools, but the 4300, 4200 and 4000 are the most popular models.

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Which model is the right choice for you? We’re going to share our top pick shortly, but first, let’s take a closer look at what each model has to offer.

The Dremel 4300

The 4300 is Dremel’s most powerful rotary tool, and one of the most versatile. Thanks to its universal 3-jaw chuck, this model is compatible with most of the brand’s accessories and attachments.

The 4300 offers a number of features that users will appreciate.


  • Universal 3-jaw chuck
  • Ball-bearing construction
  • Rotating pivot light
  • 8-amp variable speed motor (5,000-35,000 RPM)
  • Carves, polishes, cuts and grinds

The 4300 comes equipped with Dremel’s most powerful motor. The 1.8-amp motor has electronic feedback and can stand up to even the most demanding applications.

Dremel includes a number of accessories with this tool, including:

  • Cutting: Thin cut wheel, cut-off wheel, grinding wheel, lock wood cutting wheel, spiral bit, multipurpose cutting bit and guide point bit.
  • Carving: High speed cutter, engraving HS cutter and diamond wheel point. You can use these attachments with your woodworking projects, according to Lifehacker.
  • Cleaning: Brush wheel, polishing compound, carbon brush wheel, felt polishing wheel and lock polishing cloth
  • Grinding: Aluminum oxide and silicon carbide grinding stones
  • Sanding: Sanding bands and sanding discs

As DIY Network explains, you can also attach a sharpening wheel to sharpen knives, shears, scissors and other blades with your rotary tool.

Along with these accessories, the 4300 comes with several attachments, which include a right angle attachment, straight edge guide, circle cutter, garden tool sharpener, guide for sanding and grinding, shield, pivot light and more.

The entire kit comes in a hard storage case, so you can keep all of your items organized.


  • Powerful motor
  • Compatible with most Dremel attachments
  • Comes with a slew of accessories and attachments
  • Hard case included
  • Pivot light illuminates the work space


  • Case is bulky

Including a hard storage case is a definite perk of owning this rotary tool, but the case is a bit bulky and large. That said, the tool comes with dozens of accessories and attachments, which warrant the extra storage space.

The 4300 may be a good choice if power and versatility are your top priorities.

The Dremel 4200

The 4200 is a high-performance rotary tool from Dremel that comes as part of a 47-piece kit. As one of the most powerful and versatile in the Dremel line-up, the 4200 can tackle a variety of jobs without breaking a sweat.


  • 6-amp variable speed motor (5,000-35,000 RPM) with electronic feedback
  • EZ Change system; swap accessories without a collet lock or wrench
  • Venting design with 20{63e9163d2c17d0b069b8deee763be7330d4e0c7ed51605edf339b1f505433272} more air flow
  • Includes 6 attachments and 40 accessories
  • For carving, cutting, cleaning, grinding and sanding

The 4200 isn’t quite as powerful as the 4300, but can still tackle most tasks with ease. The 1.6-amp motor delivers 5,000 – 35,000 RPM and features electronic feedback. The venting design also keeps the tool cool and allows for 20{63e9163d2c17d0b069b8deee763be7330d4e0c7ed51605edf339b1f505433272} more air flow.

With a 360-degree grip zone, this rotary tool is comfortable to hold from just about any angle. The replaceable brushes also extend the life of the tool.

With a simple change of attachments, the 4200 can cut, grind, sand, clean, carve and more. Dremel includes six attachments and 40 accessories to allow you to handle a wide range of jobs.

The accessories include:

  • Carving: Engraving HS cutter, high speed cutter
  • Grinding: Aluminum oxide and silicon carbide grinding stones
  • Cutting: Thin cut, cut-off wheel and spiral belt
  • Cleaning: Carbon brush wheel, brush wheel
  • Sanding: Drum mandrel, sanding bands, sanding discs

Attachments include:

  • Circle cutter
  • Straight edge guide
  • Garden tool sharpener
  • Cutting kit
  • Rotary attachment
  • Grip attachment
  • Drive coupler

Dremel’s rotary tool and all of its attachments/accessories come in a hard storage case for better organization.


  • Powerful motor
  • Comfortable grip
  • Can perform a variety of tasks
  • Comes with dozens of accessories and multiple attachments
  • Includes a hard case


  • Not compatible with all Dremel accessories and attachments

Unlike the 4300, the 4200 doesn’t come with a universal jaw. The EZ Change system makes it easy to swap attachments and accessories without having to use tools, but you are limited as to which accessories you can choose.

Still, the EZ Change system may be what makes this rotary tool the best choice for some people. Changing accessories is a breeze with the 4200.

The Dremel 4000

The Dremel 4000 is a variable speed rotary tool that comes with even more accessories than the 4200. Built to last, this kit comes with everything you need to tackle most tasks with ease.

The 4000 isn’t as advanced as the 4200 or the 4300, but the budget-conscious shopper may prefer this model.

And despite being a little more primitive, this tool is still compatible with all of Dremel’s accessories.


  • 6-amp variable speed motor (5,000-35,000 RPM) with electronic feedback
  • EZ Twist for quick accessory changes
  • Compatible with all Dremel rotary tools and accessories
  • 50 accessories; 6 attachments
  • Comes with hard carrying case and an accessory case
  • For cutting, carving, grinding, cleaning and sharpening
  • 360-degree grip zone

The 4000 is a powerful rotary tool that comes equipped with the same motor found in the 4200. The primary differences between these two models is the number of accessories and the EZ systems. The 4000 has the EZ Twist system, which includes an integrated nose cap wrench for easy accessory changes.

The 4000 comes with more accessories than you’ll ever need, including:

  • Sanding: Abrasive buffs, sanding drums, sanding bands, sanding discs
  • Carving: Engraving cutter, high-speed cutters
  • Cutting: Cut-off wheels, cutting bit
  • Cleaning: Nylon bristle brush, carbon steel brushes, polishing wheels, polishing compound
  • Grinding: Aluminum oxide and silicon carbide grinding stones

Dremel also includes six accessories with this tool:

  • Straight edge/circle cutter guide
  • Flex shaft
  • Shield
  • Garden tool/lawn mower sharpener
  • Grinding/sanding guide
  • Multi-purpose cutting guide

All of the included accessories and attachments are stored in the included carrying and accessories cases.


  • Comfortable grip
  • Powerful motor
  • Includes 50 accessories
  • Quick accessory changes tanks to the EZ Twist system
  • Compatible with all of Dremel’s accessories
  • Hard storage case is included


  • Gets hot quickly

The only complaint with this tool is that it can get hot rather quickly. Wearing a good pair of gloves can help resolve this problem. Heat is a problem with a lot of rotary tools. If this is a major concern for you, the 4200 may be a good option.

If you’re looking for a rotary tool that comes with more accessories than you can imagine, the 4000 may be a good choice for you.

Which is the Best Rotary Tool for You?

Which rotary tool is the right choice for you: the 4000, 4200 or the 4300? The answer really depends on your personal needs.

That said, we like the 4300 model the best. The 4300 has the most powerful motor and a universal jaw that makes the tool compatible with all Dremel accessories. The other two models have the EZ systems, which aren’t quite as versatile.

The 4300 also has a ball bearing construction, which makes the tool run smoothly and quietly every time.

We also like that the 4300 comes with a rotating pivoting light. This light makes it easier to see what you’re working on, so you don’t make mistakes.

But if you’re someone who needs a lot of accessories, the 4000 may be the better option for you.

The 4200 may be a good fit for you if you’re concerned about the tool getting too hot during use. This model has a venting design that allows for 20{63e9163d2c17d0b069b8deee763be7330d4e0c7ed51605edf339b1f505433272} cooler running air flow.

All three models have motors with electronic feedback, which means the tool delivers consistent power when working at lower and mid-range speeds.

When choosing a model, there are a few things that you should keep in mind:

  • Power
  • Accessories
  • Accessory-changing system

Make sure that the rotary tool you choose has the right amount of power, enough accessories for you to get the job done, and an accessory-changing system that makes it easy to switch out accessories. All of Dremel’s rotary tools have easy-to-use accessory changing systems, so you can swap out accessories without wasting time or getting frustrated.

Regardless of which model you choose, you can find peace of mind in knowing that your purchase is protected by a two-year warranty. Dremel is also known for having great customer service.