Knowing These 7 Secrets Will Make Your Home Improvement Projects Look Amazing

If you’re on a budget and like to do-it-yourself, maybe you have a few questions. Here are the top seven ways to make sure your projects have a more potent impact.

Lose Those Dated Fixtures

a woman does some diySwap out your light fixtures for new ones. From the one hanging over the dining table to those awful old bedroom glass covers, there are new shapes and configurations out there to change the look of any room. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the change in ambiance these upgrades make.

Why the Classics are Timeless

If you take advantage of opportunities to check out high-end homes, either in person or through the magazines, you’ll notice they are covered from one end to another in neutral tones. Neutral tones speak of calm and clutter-free space, making a room quietly shine with classic high-style.

Bring this look to rooms by choosing neutral hues for expensive updates to space, like floors, fixtures, and upholstery. Then, you can use accessories to accent using bolder patterns and colors with texture. That way the pieces with stronger color are sure to get noticed because the neutral base lets them have all the attention.

The Look of Built-In

Custom design built-ins make a room look expensive because they are pretty pricey. If you like the look, but don’t want to splurge, there is another way. An excellent fix for this is to anchor tall bookshelves to the wall.

See how to do-it-yourself here:

Tile Transformations

To get a lot of design power for your dollar, consider tiling in the bathroom and kitchen. Tile adds texture and color. You can even add a second design in a different color or size for added interest. This affordable option is one of the best ways to transform rooms.

Interior Improvements -Doors

If you have an open floor plan, consider adding pocket doors to create separation. These can be beautiful and space-saving. New doors on the interior rooms of a house can add a facelift to space, and there is variety in the choices for your different rooms.

Dimensional Additions

IF you add narrow strips of molding to plain walls, you get a paneled look. This treatment is known as picture-framing. It’s a simplistic way to draw attention to certain areas of a room. With the edges aligned and spacing even, this look is symmetrical and pleasing to the eye.

Refreshing Color with Paint

some toolsPainting is the most popular DIY upgrade done for home-improvement. Give your boring walls a brilliant update or just freshen them up with a nice clean neutral. Color has the power to change the way a room feels. By updating the paint job, looking at the place will be a new experience. You’ll probably notice a few other things you’d like to change just because your perception of the space has changed.

Making home improvements takes a lot of time, some talent, and a sharp eye. Knowing where to start and how to get the job done right will make your efforts worthwhile. Now that you have some ideas write out that list and get started!