Six Tracks That Are Great To Paint To

Whether you’re working on an oil still life or re-painting your house, it can be very helpful to have background music to keep you in a creative flow, or even just to help pass the time. Of course, your music tastes and even your mood on a given day will shape your choices, but the listing of six tracks below might help get you started on a playlist for your painting day.

1. Beach House, “Space Song”

The ethereal dream pop duo Beach House, based out of Baltimore, specializes in floaty, synth-driven songs with smooth, soothing vocals. If you’re the sort of painter who really gets into a flow while you’re working, this track is for you. “Space Song” is a mellow track that starts with a soft backbeat, then layers synthesizer loops and vocal harmonies to spin you, at least for the moment, into an alternate universe.

2. Halsey, “New Americana”

The wildly popular Halsey is queen of energetic electronica, and “New Americana” is well-suited to those who like to be energized as they paint. This track also samples from Notorious B.I.G.’s 1994 hit “Juicy,” so if you like a dose of old-school hip hop with your new music, this track will keep you happy.

3. Low, “Slide”

This dreamy alternative track, taken from the album I Could Live in Hope, can help ease you into a rhythmic sort of lull. The downbeat, easygoing drums and guitar, combined with the paradoxically powerful vocals, pairs equally well with a paintbrush or a roller. If you prefer relaxing music while you paint, this song is ideal for you and your project.

4. Wilsen, “House on a Hill”

This relatively new band is known for insightful lyrics, unique usage of acoustics, and an energetic-yet-dreamy soundscape. The song “House on a Hill,” from the band’s first full-length album Sirens is rife with surprising tempo changes, and a quiet strength permeates throughout. The live version, which is linked here, is especially beautiful, and sure to carry you through even the longest of painting sessions.

5. Grimes, “Kill v Maim”

Grimes is an unusual musician with a bit of a cult following, but the high-energy “Kill v Maim” is the perfect song for when you’re dragging and need some more motivation to get through a painting session. Grimes is a solo artist who writes and performs all of her music, and her unusual voice is situated well in this upbeat track.

6. Craft Spells, “Scandinavian Crush”

The California-based Craft Spells consistently makes danceable synth-pop tracks, and “Scandinavian Crush” is no exception. Like “Kill v Maim,” this song will help you get excited to paint, and its catchy rhythm will help you pass the time quickly.

No one song is right for every painting day, and you probably have some favorites of your own that you’re eager to add to a playlist. Hopefully, this list will get you started on a playlist to carry you through even the longest of painting days.