The Best 12 Volt Drill Reviews Guide for 2017

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Use Our Guide to Find the Best 12V Drill on The Market

A 12-volt drill will provide enough power for most jobs, and these models are often more affordable, which makes them the ideal choice for entry-level usage. Powerful and durable, it can become confusing when trying to pick a drill for you.

BLACK+DECKER LDX112C 12-Volt MAX Lithium-Ion Drill/Driver with 1 Battery

Our favorite for 2017

Black & Decker SS-12 12v Cordless Drill/Driver Tool

A great value option

Bosch PS31-2A 12-Volt Max Lithium-Ion 3/8-Inch 2-Speed Drill/Driver Kit with 2 Batteries

Shortest height, head length, and lightest weight!

There’s a lot to consider when picking a drill.

Our short yet robust guide to choosing the right drill, includes paying attention to the following features:

  • Battery: The battery life plays a vital role in the decision-making process. A removable battery is ideal because you’ll be able to replace a dead battery and won’t have to buy an entirely new unit. You’ll want a battery that holds a charge for months, and a replaceable unit allows you to have spare batteries handy for larger jobs.
  • Drill Speed: Measured in rotations per minute (RPM), different speeds allow for a wide range of uses. A drill that has a range of 300 – 1,500 rpms is a good option that will allow you to handle most projects you’ll come across.
  • Barebone or Full: A barebones model is affordable, but they only include a drill and not a battery or charger. If you find a cheap drill, make sure it has a battery and charger if you don’t have your own already. Otherwise, you’ll pay a lot extra to buy the battery, which can cost as much as a barebone drill.

We’ve had the pleasure of researching and reviewing a few of the leading 12v cordless drills on the market. Using the criteria above, you’ll be able to quickly and easily pick a drill that works well for you.

12v Cordless Drill Reviews

BLACK+DECKER LDX112C 12-Volt MAX Review – The LDX112C is a 12-volt model that comes in two styles: one-battery and two-battery. If you plan on using this model for long durations, it’s recommended that you buy the two battery option.

Powered by a lithium ion battery, this drill offers 11 position clutch with precision control to drill through wood, metal and even plastics.

On-board bit storage is present, and this unit takes 3/8” chucks for easy bit changes. An LED work light is built into the drill, and there’s a soft grip handle that is comfortable and allows for extended usage without hand pain.

This drill’s dimensions are: 10.6” x 2.6” x 8.9”.

Black & Decker SS-12 12v Cordless Drill/Driver Tool Review – Cordless and powerful, this is a barebones drill that doesn’t come with a battery or charger. This means you’ll need to buy these two pieces at an additional cost. If you have a battery and charger, you’ll find that this is a great overall drill.

And barebones models sell for a lot less, too.

This model’s dimensions are: 3.4” x 9.4” x 11”. Speeds can be adjusted from 0 – 400 rpm and 0 – 1,200 rpm. Torque can reach a high of 130 in. lbs., making this a very powerful drill that takes a 3/8” chuck.

This is a great replacement drill for anyone who has had a drill die in the past.

Bosch PS31-2A 12-Volt Max Review – A durable drill that comes with it all, the PS31-2A offers a 3/8” single sleeve chuck to allow easy use for 90{63e9163d2c17d0b069b8deee763be7330d4e0c7ed51605edf339b1f505433272} of projects. A fuel gauge allows users to be able to manage their battery levels with ease, and there are two speeds offered: 0 – 350 rpm and 0 – 1,300 rpm.

You’ll be able to use faster speeds for fastening.

An LED light is incorporated into the drill to allow for greater ease illuminating a work area. The head length is just 7” to allow for work in tighter areas. There are 20+1 torque settings, and the unit weighs just 2.14 lbs.

This is a small and powerful drill meant for use in tighter spaces. Max torque can reach 265 in. lbs.

DEWALT DCD710S2 12-Volt Max Review – Dewalt is a standard in the power tools industry, and the company’s DCD710S2 drill is powerful, versatile and lightweight. This unit has an LED light to illuminate your workspace in the dark, and It has two operation speeds for added control.

A belt hook is included for easy transport, too.

The dimensions are 1.97” x 7.28” x 7.68”. Multiple clutch settings are present, and there are 15 clutch positions available. Two batteries are included, allowing for longer jobs to be handled quickly. The unit weighs just 2.4 pounds.

The handle is slim, which is a nice addition, and it stands upright. You’ll find that this unit is powerful enough to handle 98{63e9163d2c17d0b069b8deee763be7330d4e0c7ed51605edf339b1f505433272} of your needs.

Milwaukee 2407-22 M12 3/8 Drill Driver Kit Review – The 2407-22 M12 can deliver an impressive 275 in. lbs. of torque with an onboard battery gauge that displays how much time is left on the battery. The handle features a new design that is aimed to provide long-lasting comfort.

The metal ratcheting chuck adds to the durability of the unit, and the dimensions are 3.72” x 13.8” x 11.44”.

Two speeds are offered: 0 – 400 rpm and 0 – 1,500 rpm, allowing you to use this drill for a variety of applications. A built-in LED will help illuminate your workspace, and the battery charges as quickly as 30 minutes on the charger.

The unit is an impressive 2 pounds in weight, making it a good choice for extended jobs.

Buyer’s Guide –  How to Choose the Right 12 Volt Cordless Drill for You

You don’t want to buy the wrong 12v cordless drill and find out it can’t handle the job when you need it for a vital purpose. And if you do return these models, you’ll find it’s harder to return them if you used them and there aren’t any glaring defects present.

12 Volt Drill

It’s important that you think about the projects that you’ll be using your drill for.

If you plan on just using your drill to hang pictures or assemble furniture, you probably don’t need a top-end model, but you will need a model with lower speeds. The lower the speed, the more control you have when trying to drill into the wood, which is a must.

A few points to consider when trying to pick the right model are:

  • Comfort: The handle should be soft grip for added comfort, and you’ll also want to pay close attention to the unit’s weight. A lower weight is ideal for longer jobs when heavier models can strain your arms and lead to fatigue.
  • Size: When drilling holes to hang a picture, the size of the drill doesn’t matter much. But when you’re trying to reach between framing in a tight space, a smaller drill may provide a better angle and leverage to allow for fast and easy drilling.
  • Torque Options: The option to switch between torque will allow you to work on different materials where more or less torque is needed. For example, drilling through plastic and fastening may cause cracking with too much torque.