The Best Homak Tool Chest Reviews Guide for 2017

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Let Us Help You Find the Best Homak Tool Box After 2015

Tool chests will hold your most valuable tools, and the right chest will allow you to stay organized and find that 9mm socket that you would scour for otherwise. Homak is known for producing some of the top rated tool chests on the market, and we’ve provided reviews of the top five models available.

HOMAK RD01032101 3-Drawer Tool Box/Chest Red

Our favorite for 2017

HOMAK BK01022001 2-Drawer Tool Box/Chest Black

A great value option

HOMAK BG02026903 27-Inch SE Series 9-Drawer Top Chest – Black/Gray

Features 3 large and 6 smaller drawers

But when you’re looking at these tool chests, there are a few points and features you’ll want to compare to choose a model that best fits your usage demands:

  • Drawer Dimensions: You need to know how deep, high and wide all of the drawers of your toolbox will be. The dimensions allow you to know just how much tools you’ll be able to hold inside of the toolbox.
  • Drawer Count: How many drawers do you need? A standard model will come with 2 – 3 drawers, but there are also toolboxes with mini drawers (like the last two on our list), which allow you to organize all of your tools more effectively.
  • Weight: No one ever thinks about the weight of a toolbox, but with some of these models, you really need to consider how much they weigh. The final model on our list weighs 100 pounds You can easily place hundreds of pounds in the toolbox, making it nearly impossible to move without help.
  • Top Lock: if the top of the toolbox is able to open, you will want to ensure that there is a lock in place. This is where you’ll put dangerous tools that could pose risk of injury to kids if they come in contact with them. A lock will keep your tools secure and kids safe.

Our Top Homak Tool Chest Reviews

HOMAK RD01032101 3-Drawer Tool Box – Three drawers and a low price point allows this to be one of the most favorable tool chests on the market. A double latch system closes the top of the tool box’s storage area, while three drawers are present to allow for neat organization.

The dimensions of this tool chest are 20.5” x 8.75” x 11 7/8” for ample storage.

Ball bearings allow the drawers to open smoothly. Slip-proof mats are included in each drawer, and the unit itself weighs just 5.3 pounds, allowing for less overall weight when filled. The drawers allow for full extension, but you cannot remove them if needed.

HOMAK BK01022001 2-Drawer Tool Box – What really makes this tool box stand out is it’s great mid to low level cost, and it’s all black color is neutral, too. Ball bearings are used to allow the drawers to pull out easily (maybe too easily), and a total of two drawers are present.

A top storage area is present, and a double latch system is in place to keep the top of the toolbox closed tight at all times.

The handle allows for easy carry, and the total dimensions of the unit are 22.5” x 12” x 10.4”. For most home users, this is an affordable tool box with more than ample room for all of the tools you may have.

Homak RD03032601 27-Inch Professional 3 Drawer Mid Chest, Red – If you’re thinking that you just have too many tools for the previous models, this is the tool box for you. Featuring a heavy-duty design, this model has two large handles to allow for easier carry, and the top unit features a mat and no storage.

The 250mm ball bearings allow the drawers to move fluidly, and the three drawers provide more than enough room.

As a high end item, this is a toolbox you would expect to see in a commercial garage. And the 27” of space on each drawer allows you to hold countless tools. This toolbox weighs nearly 45 pounds on its own.

HOMAK BG02026903 27-Inch SE Series 9-Drawer – All of the models on our list so far have had large drawers, but this model is a little different. What makes this model a major consideration for a toolbox is that it has 9 drawers in total. Three of the drawers are larger, while the top two rows feature three drawers each.

And, you’ll be able to really organize all of your tools – perfect for anyone with a lot of tools.

The top also opens up to hold more tools and features a tubular lock for security. Slip-proof mats are included as well as handles that allow you to carry this toolbox. Each drawer can hold 60 pounds each. The drawers are all 10 3/8” deep, while one drawer is 3 1/4” and the rest are 1 3/4” in height.

Homak BL02027901 27-Inch Professional 9 Drawer – The final model on our list is also the most high-end, but this toolbox is a mechanic’s dream. There are three full-width drawers with six smaller drawers and an extended top.

The extended top allows you to open the toolbox up completely and has locking hinges for added safety. Kids won’t be able to get into this toolbox either thanks to the tubular locking system that requires a key to be opened.

Ball bearings make the drawers easy to open, and there are two handles to move the box with ease. The only downfall is that this high-end model weighs 100 pounds – so it’s very heavy when filled.

Buyer’s Guide –  How to Choose the Right Homak Tool Cart for You

You need to organize your tools so that you know where they are when you need them most. Nothing is worse than being sure that you have a torque wrench and have no idea where it is in the mess that is your garage.

Homak Tool Chest

Don’t get me wrong – everyone has this problem at one point or another.

But the right toolbox will allow you to organize all of your tools in one central location so that when you need a tool, you’ll be able to find it quickly.  The following things should be kept in mind when making your purchase:

  • Price: High-end, larger tool carts can cost a pretty penny, but you can also find small toolboxes with a decent amount of storage for very reasonable prices. When buying a toolbox, make a budget and find the best model in your price range.
  • Locking Mechanism: Tubular locks are harder to break into, so if you’re afraid a unit could potentially be broken into, you’ll want to choose a tubular lock that offers the utmost in safety and security.
  • Anti-Slip Mats: If you don’t want your tools rolling around and potentially breaking, anti-slip mats are a must-have. These mats will sit inside of each drawer to curb any of the slippage that may occur otherwise.

All of these are important details that you’ll need to consider when choosing a Homak tool chest. With the high-quality design that Homak offers, you’ll be able to enjoy a toolbox for decades without worry of the box breaking, or the elements weakening the toolbox over time.