The Best Needle Nose Pliers Reviews Guide for 2017

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Our Guide to Choosing the Best Pliers Set After 2015

The best pliers set will last a lifetime (or at least a few decades). They will help you gain access to hard-to-reach places, and will remain a vital part of any tool set. And you’ll find that insulated pliers are most comfortable for extended use.

Stanley 84-096 5-Inch Needle Nose Plier

Our favorite for 2017

TEKTON 3506 4-1/2-Inch Precision Long Nose Pliers

A great value option

Gerber MP600 Multi-Plier

A fantasic multitool option

When going to purchase your set, there are a few basics that you’ll want to keep in mind (we’ll talk about more in-depth options at the end of the article):

  • Price: You can spend anywhere from cheap to expensive for pliers, but most brands offer top-quality pliers at very affordable prices.
  • Warranty: The very anatomy of a needle nose plier allows it to break easily. With a small tip, these pliers can break (they shouldn’t, but they can). You’ll want to make sure that the manufacturer of your pliers will honor a warranty of some type.
  • Manufacturer: The tool industry is filled with brands that are known the world over. Stanley and Tekton are just two of the brands that come to mind, and, of course, Craftsmen, although the company’s quality has been subpar in recent years. If you’re really unsure of a tool’s quality, do a little research on the manufacturer.

The good news is that we’ve done all of the hard work for you and have chosen a variety (5 to be exact) of needle nose plier sets that are perfect for any toolkit – from a novice to a professional. We’ve reviewed all 5 of these models below and have provided a more in-depth buying guide at the end of this article.


Stanley 84-096 5-Inch Needle Nose PlierStanley is a name in the tool industry that stands for quality craftsmanship. These amazing needle nose pliers are 5-inches in length and have long tempered jaws that will help you access those hard-to-reach places.

If you’ve ever worked in tight places, much like your vehicle’s engine, you know just how important finding the best pliers set can be.

Crafted with chrome-nickel steel, these pliers have slip-resistant jaws and double dipped handles for maximum comfort. And they’re backed by a lifetime limited warranty. If you’re looking for a single plier, this exceptional tool will do you proud.

TEKTON 3506 4-1/2-Inch Precision Long Nose PliersTEKTON offers precision long nose pliers that have a length of 4.5-inches (slightly less than our #1 pick). With cushioned, non-slip grips, these pliers offer a spring-loaded hinge for easy opening, and have been heat treated and drop forged for exceptional steel construction.

With a weight of just 0.3-ounces, these pliers are light enough to fit in your back pocket and are so easy to use.

The only reasons to choose this model over our first pick are: it’s slightly cheaper, and it’s smaller in size. I personally like the longer size of the Stanley model, but it’s a personal preference and almost negligible at 0.5-inches in length difference.

Gerber MP600 Multi-Plier, Needle Nose, Black – When you see the MP600, a Swiss Army knife will come to mind. Sure, this tool offers a needle nose plier, but it also offers 14 other tools on top of that. If you’re only looking for insulated pliers, choose our top 2 picks, but if you want a multi-tool, this is a good choice.

Easy to open with one hand, this tool features 14 tools in 1, and they all lock into place for maximum security and safety.

Black coated stainless steel and a nylon sheath allow you to use this tool on a daily basis, and it include several tools, such as: a knife, saw, file, screwdrivers, pliers and more. Even though this is a high end item it’s a great model if you need a few more tools in your toolbox to get the job done.

Stanley 84-102 8-Inch Long Nose Plier – This Stanley model is very similar to our #1 choice, but it has a length of 8-inches vs. 5-inches. The jaws of this model are not as thin, but they will more than suffice for those hard-to-reach areas, such as inside an engine.

Hardened cutting edges are present, and the handle has been double-dipped for added comfort. This is the best pliers set if you need longer pliers, and they’re also insulated.

With a similar price to all of the other models on this list (aside from the Gerber and IRWIN), you’re going to be deciding between length when comparing this model to others.

IRWIN Tools Vise-Grip 8-Inch Long Nose Plier – The IRWIN is a solid budget choice and is the best insulated pliers on the list. If you’re looking for comfort, stop right here and purchase this model. Available in 6-8 inch models, the VISE-GRIP allows for extreme comfort without sacrificing quality.

The jaws themselves are 2-5/16-inches with a total weight of 11.2-ounces.

Hardened cutting edges are present, and nickel chromium steel is used for its great strength and rust resistance. Compared to the other models on this list, I would say that these are the most comfortable to use all day long. And you’ll also receive a lifetime warranty on these pliers (although I’ve never personally had to use my warranty).

Buyer’s Guide –  How to Find the Right Pair of High Quality Pliers for You

When buying the best pliers set, there are a lot of options to choose from. Dozens of models will fit in your price range, but you need to choose the best. We touched upon some key points to consider, but there are a few more:

  • needle nose pliersLength: You’ll find pliers that are 4-8” in length (generally). Larger pliers will be heavier and slightly more expensive, but you need to consider what you need pliers for. A mechanic will likely opt for a smaller size because they’ll need to fit in a tight engine compartment, while a contractor may choose an 8-inch model.
  • Grip: Insulated pliers are ideal because they’re comfortable and generally safer. These pliers will not cause shock if you hit a wire, and they’re very affordable. Always choose a comfortable grip, but don’t assume all grips are insulated, especially if you’re working on a live wire.
  • Wire Cutter / Snipping: Many pliers have a wire cutter / snipping tool where the base of the pliers’ jaws meet. This is great for anyone that needs to strip wires or cut them all in one tool.
  • Multi-tool: Many multi-tools will include pliers, but you’ll also pay more while receiving a slew of other tools in the process. My only complaint is that many of these tools are bulky, but they’re very versatile and a good choice for anyone just starting their tool collection.

Pliers should be part of any handyman’s tool set. Using the tips above, you’ll be able to find the best set of pliers for your needs.