The Best Rolling Tool Chest Reviews Guide for 2017

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What’s The Best Tool Storage Chest On the Market?

Rolling tool carts allow you to transport your tools with ease, and you won’t have to go searching for the right tool – it will be in your general tool box. If you’re a DIYer, mechanic or a contractor, the best portable tool box will make your life easier, and that’s what really counts.

Stanley 037025H 50 Gallon Mobile Chest

Our favorite for 2017

Stanley 033026R Pro Contractor Chest

A great value option

41″ Stainless Steel Tool Chest

Stainless steel with 2,500 lbs. weight capacity

When you’re working on a project and you need a tool that’s in your shed, a lot of time is lost going from your project to your shed or basement looking for the right socket wrench.

We’ve used a lol of storage chests in our time, and we’ve had the pleasure of reviewing five of the best models on the market in 2017. But when you go to pick one rolling chest over another, it can quickly get complicated.

Keep the following points in mind when trying to decide which model to buy:

  • Storage Size: There are a lot of storage options, and you may not have a need for 14 drawers or a 50-gallon bottom. Pay close attention to the storage each unit offers.
  • Handles: Pullout handles are a must-have necessity when trying to lug around the first three tool chests on the list. If the unit only has two wheels, you’ll want a pullout handle to save your back from too much stress.
  • Organizers: The first three models on our list offer a mix of organization or no organization options. If you need a chest that has an organizer, make sure it’s listed in the product description for best results if you want to organize your tools

Our Reviews of the Best Tool Chests

Stanley 037025H 50 Gallon Mobile Chest – Stanley is one of the most famous names in tools, and the company offers amazing tool chests, too. This model is solidly mid-range, and it has a 50-gallon capacity. You can fill this model with power tools, regular tools or anything you really need to be portable.

Heavy-duty wheels allow you to lift one side of the chest and roll it where needed.

Steel handles with a soft grip and wide width are present to allow you to easily grasp the chest and move it where needed. Durable and strong, this model weighs 31 pounds and has a black, matte finish. Dimensions are 23” width and 23” height.

Stanley 033026R Pro Contractor Chest – The Pro Contractor was designed with contractors in mind, and if you’re a fan of Stanley and their products, this is a great alternative to our first pick. The great thing is that this one comes with an organizer that is removable to store all of your parts and accessories inside.

The portable tray is perfect for tools, and there is a bottom bin that will do the trick, too.

Large back wheels are present and a pull-out handle is built-in for easy transport. There are also “V grooves” on top of the lid to allow for easy sawing. Dimensions are 24” height, 16” width and 15” depth.

Flambeau 6531BK Rolling Tool Chest with Lift Out Tray – Flambeau may not be a company that you’ve heard of before, but once you see this chest, you’ll never forget it – it has a unique look. But it’s the perfect choice for light commercial parts. It has a tray that lifts out and is meant to hold tools.

Large wheels allow for easy transport along with the pullout handle.

The weight of the unit is just under 24 pounds, and the product dimensions are 30.5” x 19” x 19.2”. Storing and transporting handheld tools is a breeze with this tool chest, but this model does not lock. If you have young kids, this is a consideration when storing tools that are a potential hazard to children.

41″ Stainless Steel Tool Chest – If you’re a professional in need of one of the industry’s best tool chests, stop right now and consider this model. This is a “real” tool chest, but it’s a high end item – so it’s not meant for most people.

But this may be the most complete tool chest on the market.

There are 11 drawers available that allow you to hold up to 2,500 pounds of weight. The wheels feature 5’ x 2’ casters that can all hold 550 pounds. There are center locks for the top and bottom of the chest, too.  The drawers are easy to open even with gloves and the top of the box opens for larger items.

72″ Wide 15 Drawer Stainless Steel Anti-Fingerprint Tool Chest – The final unit we’ll be reviewing is a large, 72” wide tool chest on wheels that’s stainless steel and has anti-fingerprint exterior. Handles are on both sides of the unit for easy transport, and there are 15 drawers in total.

Drawer slides can hold 100 pounds, and the top of the chest acts as a workbench, allowing you to assemble / disassemble parts or other items.

This, too, is a model you would expect to see in an auto body shop. And weighing 355 pounds, it’s definitely the most heavy-duty model on the list. With ample space, you’ll be able to store all your tools and more in this chest. All of the drawers lock with one key.

Buyer’s Guide –  How to Choose the Best Rolling Toolbox for You

You’re really close to picking out a rolling toolbox, but you’re stuck trying to figure out which model is right for you. Don’t worry: it’s a hard decision to make. But the good news is that there are a few things you can consider when making your choice to ensure that the toolbox you choose is just right for you.

Rolling Tool Chest

Everyone’s needs are slightly different, so don’t be too concerned when trying to pick just the right one.

All of the models that we’ve reviewed are high-quality models, but for you to pick the right one for you, consider the following:

A few things that will make your choice easier:

  • Drawers: Do you want drawers to keep all of your tools tidy? Will you be providing your own organizer, or storing mostly power tools? The final two models on our list come with drawers, which make organizing all of your tools a breeze.
  • Budget: You can spend a great deal on a tool chest. Determining your budget constraints will narrow down your choices drastically to allow you to pick a chest that works well for you.
  • Weight Capacity: The one model on our list can hold 2,500 pounds of tools, but some units will not be able to match this load capacity. If you plan on storing a lot of tools or particularly heavy items on drawers, make sure that the drawer weight limit will allow for it.

And once you’ve made your choice, you’ll find that a tool chest is an investment that makes life a lot easier.